Volume 28

Issue 28:1- Fall 2017

Luke A. Wake, The Enduring (Muted) Legacy of Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council: A Quarter Century Retrospective, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 1 (2017).

Michael P. Wilt, Civil Disobedience and the Rule of Law: Punishing “Good” Lawbreaking in a New Era of Protest, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J 43 (2017).

Steven Brantley, Restorative Justice in the Classroom: A Pipeline to Nowhere for All, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J 69 (2017).

Abigail A. McNelis, Habitually Offending the Constitution: The Cruel and Unusual Consequences of Habitual Offender Laws and Mandatory Minimums, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J 97 (2017).

Issue 28:2-Spring 2018

Michael J. Sherman, Brandenburg v. Twitter, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 127 (2018).

Kyle Armstrong, Nigh-Impenetrable: Firearm Manufacturer Liability Under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in a Post-Heller World, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 173 (2018).

Sarah M. Gentry, The Right to Die with Dignity: Death, Your Body, and Privacy, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 203 (2018).

Issue 28:3-Summer 2018

Arthur H. Garrison, Criminal Culpability, Civil Liability, and Police Created Danger: Why and How the Fourth Amendment Provides Very Limited Protection From Police Use of Deadly Force, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 241 (2018).

Philip Abbruscato, Vote Trump or You’re Fired? An Analysis of State Regulation of Delegate Ballot Binding at National Party Conventions, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 313 (2018).

Lindsey Turok, Howell v. McAuliffe: Felon Disenfranchisement in Virginia and the “Cautious and Incremental Approach” to Voting Equality, 28 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 341 (2018).