Volume 5

Volume 5:1 – Winter 1994

Dan L. Burk & Jennifer A. Hess, Genetic Privacy: Constitutional Considerations in Forensic DNA Testing, 5 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 1 (1994).

John M. Monahan, Cabrera v. Jakabovitz–A Common-Sense Proposal for Formulating Jury Instructions Regarding Shifting Burdens of Proof in Disparate Treatment Discrimination Cases, 5 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 55 (1994).

Randi B. Levinson, Madsen v. Women’s Health Center: Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Manner: The Supreme Court’s Abandonment of Intermediate Scrutiny as Applied to Content-Neutral Injunctions, 5 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 79 (1994).

Volume 5:2 – Summer 1995

Stephen P. Halbrook, Second-Class Citizenship and the Second Amendment in the District of Columbia, 5 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 105 (1995).

Geneva G. Vanderhorst, Nativists Revolt “Proposition 187”: The Liberty and Justice for All Exception, 5 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 179 (1995).

Wayne Biggs, Hitting the Home Run or Wishful Thinking: Cincinnati’s Issue Three and the Significance of Equality Foundation of Greater Cincinnati v. City of Cincinnati, 5 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 223 (1995).